Saturday, July 27, 2013

15mm "Mechwarrior" project

Ok here is my first post on this Blog, a long time coming.
    I have long been a fan of the Battletech universe pre-harmony Gold legal battle as I am also a huge mecha fan. I have always wanted to play this game on a larger scale and this is my first attempt to do so. I will be making a home brew mod of CF7B with this and make it a lot more hasslefree than the actual battle tech game. I say nay to heat sinks, its the 31st century with walking robots and we can't handle heat!? Ridiculous I say.
     I have used several different Mini and Toy Manufacturers to comprise my forces. From Matchbox cars, Heavy Gear, Revoltech Toys, Khurasan Miniatures, etc.
     I chose 15mm scale because I feel it works. Light mechs being around 5" high Mediums  between 5.5-6.5" and Heavies at 7". See the Pics and judge for yourself. I am not going to bother debateing if things could be better at 10mm blah blah. I just want to have fun and use what readily available. I will update more when I finish some more mechs and start play-testing. Comments? Questions? Feel free!

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